Barnes & Roche provides comprehensive consulting services tailored to the specific needs of your fundraising program, either on an individual project or as part of an integrated consulting relationship.

Fundraising Marketing Research Systems

Marketing and Communications Services

Marketing Communications
We help you assess your current market position, develop strategies to position your institution more effectively, map out a plan for implementing these strategies, and build the skills of your communications staff.

Market Research
The most effective research begins with defining the strengths, challenges, competition, and opportunities that shape your institution's markets and long-range plans. We identify the issues that need testing in the marketplace, and through telephone and mail surveys, focus groups, and individual interviews, gather pertinent market data as we assess your institution's image with key constituencies.

Public Relations
Whether you need to announce a major gift, communicate in a crisis, or develop strategies for achieving a sharper public profile, we help you define your message and reach the appropriate media. We work with you to develop story ideas, strategies, materials, and presentation skills tailored to your target media and audiences. 

We create publications for a broad range of audiences and needs, including capital campaign publications, annual giving materials, annual reports, and alumni publications. Our services encompass developing the concept, writing, design, photography, and printing.  

Membership Services
We review your services for current members, generate ideas to attract new members, and analyze your overall membership operations.

Enrollment Management
Our enrollment management and admissions team works with you to develop a set of practical steps to generate inquiries, turn inquiries into applications, and persuade accepted applicants to enroll.

Fundraising Marketing Research Systems